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Robak Properties is a leading property investment firm, providing buyers in the buy-to-let market with specialist advice. We identify the newest investment opportunities to help our clients build their wealth through property acquisition, using our industry knowledge, expertise, and experience. Founded on the principles of integrity, reliability and honesty, Robak Properties was established to connect investors with the best properties to achieve financial freedom and success. Our independent advice is just that – independent. Our advisers take an objective approach to identifying emerging markets and properties within them, conducting all the relevant and necessary research to help you make an informed decision. We can help you grow your portfolio, and provide ongoing assistance with things like mortgages and financing, taxes and international property purchases.

Why choose us?

Robak Properties was founded by Robina Babor, an experienced property investment consultant with more than ten years of experience in the real estate and construction industries.

This experience evolved naturally into helping those interested in the buy-to-let market, and Robak Properties has since emerged as one of the foremost destinations for advice and support. Today, we help investors find lucrative, income-generating properties in the UK and in overseas markets. Real estate remains a strong investment option, perhaps especially so in 2016. With the right property in the right area, investors can build wealth and enjoy strong ROI – and that’s where we can help. We can support investors when it comes to making the right decisions with their liquid assets, providing expert advice on where and how to find hassle-free investment options. Many of the opportunities we identify are in developments that have a management company to handle things like maintenance and rent collection too, so you don’t have to be hands-on to receive high returns on your property investment.


Investment advice you can count on

To make a great investment, you need great investment advice.

elearnWith our help, you can make sure that you are making the smart choice when it comes to buying property in markets in London, throughout the UK, and worldwide.

Our industry knowledge of where and how to find the best buy-to-let properties coupled with our capacity to carry out due diligence and research all but eliminates any risk involved with real estate investing. We empower our clients through education, providing much-needed advice surrounding things such as how to find the right area, what makes a good investment, how to find properties below market value, how to grow your portfolio, and how to enter prime markets. What’s more, you can have confidence that your investment is a sound one, putting you one step further towards achieving your financial goals.

At Robak Properties, we discover the best property investment opportunities so that you don’t have to. Contact us to learn more about how our experts can help you find the right investment.