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Manchester has been recognised as the major city experiencing the fastest growth in England, with more than 500,000 people living within the borough. Thousands of people commute into Manchester daily, with most living in the outlying towns including Oldham, Stockport and Rochdale. Religious and ethnic diversity in Manchester and the Greater Manchester area is incredibly diverse, leading the line throughout the country behind London. The majority demographic is a 66.7% White population, whilst 17.1% of Mancunians are Asian, 8.6% are Black and 4.7% are of Mixed Race. With three universities in the city, Manchester is also home to around 75,000 students during term time.

With rising student numbers every year, more and more investors are seeing student property investment in Manchester as a worthwhile investment.

A recent report from the Nationwide Building Society showed that the price of property in Manchester increased by over 21% in the past year, a clear sign of the considerable increase in demand for city centre property in the region.

As a result, demand for rental property in Manchester is understandably at an all-time high, not only from tenants but investors looking to make a savvy purchase. Which means rental property is being sold as soon as it becomes available.

In addition, Manchester has the largest university population in the country, it’s the third largest city in the UK and a mecca to sports fans worldwide, thanks to the number of football teams based there including Manchester United and Manchester City.


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