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At Robak Properties, we can offer more than just insightful, independent advice.

In order to make the buying process smooth from start to finish, we have a network of real estate-related professionals available to you. When you enlist our help, you can connect with any number of recommended independent experts to provide assistance with your property transaction:

Buy-to-let mortgage experts
We can help you make the right decision concerning your buy-to-let mortgage. Interest rates with these types of mortgages tend to be higher than those for primary residences, and you will need a 15 per cent deposit to procure one. Our network of mortgage experts can help you compare buy-to-let mortgages based on your needs to help you find the right financing for you.

Accounting and tax
Tax legislation surrounding buy-to-let properties changes frequently, and so having a dedicated accountant to ensure you are operating in a tax efficient and compliant manner is important. An accountant can also handle bookkeeping aspects of your cash flow and income generation, which means you have less to do as a landlord. At Robak Properties, we have a network of accounting professionals that can help you make the most of the money received from income properties such as houses, student accommodation and flats both here in the UK and overseas.

International buying help
If you are thinking about acquiring a buy-to-let property overseas, we can help.
At Robak Properties, we have a number of connections when it comes to finding lucrative investment opportunities abroad. We are well versed in hot international markets overseas such as Spain, Dubai, India and with our expertise at your disposal, you can find fantastic investment properties in these and other countries. We can help you navigate the foreign property landscape to avoid costly mistakes and ensure you are matched with an investment that matches your financial goals and plans.
Diversifying your portfolio with offshore investments can be advantageous, but it does require a great deal of planning along with careful and thoughtful research. We can put you in touch with international buying experts that can provide assistance with selecting countries, markets and property types, along with help when it comes to currency and financing, navigating regulations for foreign buyers, and tax issues.
To enquire about offshore property investment opportunities, contact us today.

Making sure your buy-to-let investment is of sound construction is incredibly important. If you plan to let your property immediately, you will need to make sure that it is safe and free from defects in order for tenants to move in straight away. Similarly if you are buying a property and planning to renovate or conduct repairs to increase the value and rate of rent, you will need to know what sort of work is required along with how much this work will cost. We can help you connect with a trusted surveyor who will carry out an inspection of your property, and provide you with a thorough report highlighting any issues that will need to be addressed.

Solicitors and conveyancing advice
Buying a property entails a great deal of paperwork, and having a legal professional on hand to help you navigate this requirement is essential. Robak Properties works with a number of solicitors that specialise in buy-to-let legalities, and they will be able to look over documents pertaining to property acquisition, tenancy agreements and disputes, issues of tax and much more.

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