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With around 2.8 million legal foreign residents in Spain, not to speak of ever-increasing tourism figures, Spain has become a top destination for foreign property investment.

The Spanish Ministry of Tourism predicts that more than one million foreigners will set up home on the Spanish coast in the next six years, and this figure is expected to treble by 2025.

Now is the ideal time to make an intelligent investment in Spanish property. Low interest rates, a strong economy and a huge demand for rental accommodation is further fueled by the revolution of internet bookings.

Spanish Property investment has been popular with investors for a long time and is still the favourite location for UK investors due to many factors, including the number of low cost airlines operating from over the UK to many destinations within Spain. Many investors look to secure a rental income from their investment property and Spain is one of the safest options for rental yields, due to its established tourist industry which over the years has proved it can reliably satisfy this requirement.

In the past four years alone, the British have increased their spending on overseas properties by 45%, the favourite destinations being in Spain, and then France.

Whether you are looking to invest, relocate or buy second home we can help you choose the right property by using our relation with developers and local estate agents in Spain

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